Which fuel mixture screw?

I just got this 08 YZ450, and it was suggested I get a fuel mixture screw...which is the one to get? Zipty, works connection, MSR?

get a merge, their brass.

Anyone else have a preference? I kinda want to get an annodized unit...

The two Zip-Ty screws I have work fine. Just be sure to use the OEM spring instead of the one that comes with the screw.

seems like they all work the same just diffrent color

I have the same bike with you. Merge has one of the best fuel screws i have ever used. You can adjust it even when wearing your riding gloves.

I've had a zipty in my 426 for about 6 years now....never any problems with backing out or anything like that. Stays put and does the job

I use the Pro-circuit fuel screw and it works just fine as well.

Zip Ty here, works fine.

i have the sunline myself.. they all work great.. just use the oem spring..

Okay, I read up on a bunch of these, and the Merge one actually gets great reviews, and my local race guys actually use them (Blackfoot) and they also sell them for $30 Canadian, so I think I'll snag one. After fully seated, how many turns out should I start at? This will go with my new Jardine RT-5 full system...

Start at 1.5 turns out and go from there.

Not that it matters, but I have a Zip-Ty and no complaints.

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