08 yz450 crankcase diffrences

Does anyone know if 07 crankcases will fit 08 engine?What are the differences from 07 to 08

They carry different part numbers, but I believe they are interchangeable. If someone knows better, let's hear it.

I have heard they could be used but not sure. to confuse things even more I read in mxa in the reader ask section someone was asking if the could run the 09 shift forks in there 08 and they said that you could not as one of the holes in case that the fork pin sits in was deeper but part #s for cases are the same between the two.

That's true, but that's because the '09 fork shafts are longer. If you're not planning on trying to run '09 shift forks, I don't think that will be an issue. Also, the original part number for the '08 was different that the current listing. The number issued to the '09 cases is now shown as a replacement for either.

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