Countershaft seal

Hello again! I got my 02 426 started tonight on a fresh rebuild(top to bottom) It started on the 3rd kick and settled into a nice idle, all good, EXCEPT, I am seeping oil(quite a bit) from the countershaft seal. Am I doomed? Is it possible they didn't seat the seal good enough and it just needs a tap? Maybe they damaged it? It looks like it can be replaced from the outside, I sure hope so. Please don't tell me the cases have to come apart again, I don't think I could face that.

Thank you all once again. (It sure sounds sweet, it's gonna make one heck of an ice racer)

The output shaft seal can be screwed up several different ways. First, understand that the seal holds the pressure fed oil running to the trans shaft, and it seals against a collar that slide over the shaft. The collar has an O-ring that seals the shaft to the collar. If the collar was grooved by the old seal, it will leak. It will also leak if it's tilted in the pocket, or set in too deeply. It should be just short of flush, not set in below flush.

A loose sprocket nut will cause it to leak, also.

All this can be corrected from outside, with the engine in the bike.

So, I guess I was panicking and should have done some research before posting. I couldn't sleep so I started looking up diagrams of the shaft online(I simply couldn't find a good pick in my lousy aftermarket manual) I saw a collar bolted to to outside of the case. When I went to my bike there was no collar just a seal and two bolt holes that I just assumed were for the chain guard. Thankfully, when I bought the bike I got a complete second bottom end for parts, I went and dug it out and lo and behold there was the collar.

I will contnue the saga tonight.

Are you sick of me yet Grayracer?

Not only was the outside "collar" or cover missing, the inside collar was not installed either, no wonder it was pouring out oil. All fixed up now. Next issue is the horrible buzzing noise that comes from the kickstarter assembly when I rev the bike up, it goes away if you fiddle with the lever but comes right back after you goose it. I guess the right side cover is coming off to check what they screwed up on that part of the install, I am hoping maybe its a matter of the spring not being preloaded properly.

Not only was the outside "collar" or cover missing, the inside collar was not installed either, no wonder it was pouring out oil.
There is only one collar. The cover on the outside is the dust shield. I never mentioned that part.

The buzzing noise is the result of the ratchet in the kick starter assembly not being cammed away from the ratchet wheel as the lever returns. There's an extension on the ratchet pawl that is supposed to catch against the steel stop plate bolted to the crankcase, causing the pawl to be drawn inward away from the gear.

I will pull the cover off and look for any missing or misplaced pieces. I feel guilty asking so many questions, but I sure am learning a lot!

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