426 No Compression....

Bike was running A1 aside from an impeller shaft. I tore off the clutch plate cover and right side casing to replace the impeller shaft, a new seal, gasket and bearing and put it all back together..

First thing I noticed was no compression, I could kick right through it like a 2-stroke. I used to be able to stand on it.

It is quite cold out now and it hasn't been started in a few weeks, so I primed it with a few squirts of gas and it came to life with the cold choke on. After a while I pulled the choke in and it came to a nice idle but after a few mins it just stalls. I was unable to get it started again unless I primed it with gas first and had cold choke out...and same thing, everytime I manage to get it started as a few secs after it comes down to idle it dies....and still no compression in the kick.

I noticed after everything was reassembled a small piece lying on the ground, it was some sort of guide or something that was in the side casing

here's a pic------>


Any idea's ???? this is my first time working on a bike and I could very well have mucked something very simple up...

That sleeve and O-ring are number 12 & 13 in the picture here. It's function is to seal coolant out of the engine oil (nothing important) as the coolant passes from the water pump to the crankcase, and then to the cylinder.

Your starting problem is apt to be a clogged pilot jet, or bad gas, although the lack of compression when cold could be a valve clearance issue.

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