04 yz cdi swap

don't do this very often but i did search and could not find my answer.I'm thinking about swaping an 04 yz450 cdi to my o5 yz450.Is this a drop in or do I have change the harness thanks timm

Just because I don't know and curious as to the benefits....

What is the difference between a comparable year YZ CDI, and a WR CDI?

this is the way i understand it the 04 yz had a different power band mapping in the cdi.The 05yz cdi was changed to be smoother but not better.I ran across a post the other day about this and could not find it again.I have the chance to pick up an 04 cdi and thought i might stick it in to see what kind of difference their was.Who knows i might like it.If i'm wrong I'm sure someone will let me know. timm


When I first read your post, I read it as "I want to swap a 04 YZ 450 CDI into my 05 WR 450"....

Afraid I don't have your answer, but you might want to try this in the YZ forum?

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