Radiator Supports for WR450

Anyone know where I can get the aftermarket RAD supports for the WR450? I have read the stock ones are too weak and need to be re-inforced.

Any other suggestions of toys I should buy?

Flatlandsracing.com makes a set that are just a tad thicker than the Devols. They also have the backside bracket built into the guard as opposed to have a seperate bracket on the back that bolts on. I haven't gotten mine yet but that was the reason I chose the Flatlands over Devols.



I put a set of Rad supports on from Works Connection. They fit very well. I have only ridden once since I put them on, So far so good.

Zip ty racing has a nice brace also.. I went with the devols because the Flatland weren't out yet... I had to modify them to get them to work :) I'm sure the flatlands bolt right up.

I run the Devol rad guards with modified Works connection braces. The standard works connection design by itself is useless. The Devol guards are great for front impact protection but are weak to side impact. I mount the works connection brace to the devol guard by drilling some holes and placing 2 bolts on each side of the Devol units. This way I have nothing touching the radiator and good clearance all around with a very stiff box section. Combined they work better then anything I can find on the market. This set up creates a rigid box around the entire radiator. PM me with email address if any one wants pictures and details. :)

Try Flatland racing, I have a set on my YZ and they fit great. They are thicker than most that I have seen and bolted right up. Don't know if they make them for the 450 yet though. :)

I just got a set of flatlands. Good people. Guards fit perfect, are very solid. :)

Devols guarding goes lower on the rad to cover rocks hitting up from lower angles deflected by the front wheel.

i have the flatland racing rad guards on my bike. they fit great. all you have to do is trim the plastic ribs on your tank shroud. very easy to install and fit great.

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