speedos and fule tanks

hi all , does any one have knowlage on large fuel tanks for 05 wr450f and standard speedos , ive had a trail tech speedo and after 1 yr its playing up some time it works some it dont , so i figured if i buy a standard simple speedo that will do the trick , as for that tank im looking for a 12 litre ish tank so i have more milage per litre , any ideas on makes etc , ive been offerd a 10 l tank off an 03 wr im told it was standard but found it strange as my standard tank is 8 l, any 1 have any i deas plz

Did you try a new battery in the Trail Tech?

Or the battery connection? Mine started turning on and off and not retaining time/trip etc, and it turned out to be the battery terminals. I just bent them a bit more to make a more positive contact and polished the surface of the battery and it's been fine since :bonk:.

clarke make a nice 13 litre ish tank for most wr s

Mines been great on my y2k wr and my friends have had them on the 07 and 05 since new without fault .

I installed a analog speedometer from a 2000 Yamaha XT 350 on my 03 WR 450. It uses the stock odometer drive and cable and only cost $40.00 more than a Trail Tech. I had three of those:banghead: and they were all junk. My stock Yamaha speedo has been on my bike since February of 2003 and has over 8000 miles on it and it has never given my a problem.:bonk: Plus you can wire in the light so even at night you can tell your speed without taking your hand off of the bars and hunt for the button to light up the speedo. You will have to make your own mount.:bonk:


Did you try a new battery in the Trail Tech?


Clean the contacts on the Trail Tech and on the mounting receiver.

Battery= CR 2032 (disc style)

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