Moose SS brake cable for 1999 wr400

The question is, if i buy one for a 2006 WR450, will it route directly to the caliper ala CR style? I am assuming the ones they sell for the 1999 wr400 are the longer ones that go under the fork leg. That will not work for me as i am switching between dirt setup and supermoto setup, with a caliper relocation bracket, so the stock routing cable has to stretch another 2-3 inches, and it just looks too tight.

The moose lines look good, but i want to know it will fit before i order it.


so as far as i can tell, any line for a 2005-2008 wr450 will fit onto the stock wr400 caiper w/ headlight, even with a caliper relocation bracket for a 320mm rotor.

now, what brand would one suggest? HEL, Moose, or Galfer. from my reading, it looks like Galfer is the crappiest, and HEL is the best. anyone confirm that?

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