Is is safe to buy a WR450 now?

I have been following this forum with great interest. Being in FL I don't really ride in the summer as it is so hot. I plan on buying a new WR in the early fall. Reliability is my main issue. If I buy a new bike at the dealer can I count on that "woodruff key" failure or has that all been squared away now? Should I just wait for the 04'? When do those come out? I last had a DRZ400 which I liked just fine until it was stolen :), I'd like to try blue this time.

There is always a chance of skinning your knee or something, so I'm not sure if its ever safe to buy a dirt bike. :D The majority of folks have had no problems at all with their WR450's. For the few who've had trouble, yamaha has fixed the problems in short order and with no hassle. If you'll feel better waiting, i'd say wait. If you want to ride what is IMO the best woods bike ever sold before next year, buy one now. Your choice to make. :)



The ones with a punch mark in front of the serial number on the steering head indicate a factory fixed woodruff key and flywheel taper by Yamaha. Buy it from a dealer that has one in stock. :)


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