Case Split

Anyone know a good way to get the crank out of the second half of the case after spliting without buying the Yamaha Tool? And then pressing the new crank into the bearing w/out the Yamaha tool?


i used a motion pro splitter. i believe tusk sell a cheaper one but i couldnt get it to australia.

some have modified flywheel/pulley pullers for cars and used them instead. theres a thread somewhere on here i think its in the tutorial section.

to put together i used a tusk crank installer for magneto side. and the freezer/heat trick for the clutch side. the tusk puller doesnt have anything that fits the clutch side and i couldnt be bothered making an adapter(did this first obviously)

I used a steering wheel type puller with the appropriate bolts.

Cases tend to split pretty easy - I use a wooden wedge and tap it into the spots provided around the where the cases meet to drive them apart evenly. One side will come off the crank, the other won't, you can tap the crank out using a rubber mallet - it really takes no force at all and won't damage the crank.

Putting a crank back in - the easiest way is to use heat to your advantage, freeze the crank for a few hours, heat the oven or BBQ to low and set the case half required in it for 10 minutes, take it out, set it on your jig to give the crank shaft room to drop through and just drop the cold crank in - it'll slide right in.

For the second half, just heat it the same way, have everything ready on the first half (sealant, tranny etc.) and drop the heated case onto the remaining assembly, tapping it down evenly using a rubber mallet.

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