WR400 baja designs kit-replacing ni-cad

So, unplug the fuse (which is fine), and check the voltage there while the bike is running with the battery, which I am now charging, installed?

First write down the DC voltage of a fully charged battery (disconnected) first.

Should be about 12.6V to 12.9V for a sealed lead acid battery.

Due to the internal resistance of the battery, the generator and rectifier-regulator need to produce a bit larger voltage to be able to recharge the battery.

Install the battery on the bike, start the bike and measure the DC voltage at the battery @ high idle and mid RPM with the headlight off.

The voltage on the multimeter should read about 14V +- 0.5V

If the voltage on the RR unit is much less than that, or equal to the rated voltage of the battery, it will never recharge the battery.

Okay, I got 12.9 V at the battery with the bike off, and only 12.99V with the bike running at medium idle. Battery died again tonight on the freeway. Thank God Christmas is here. Now, what do I need to ask for?

Thank You,


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