Bike Tie-Down Advice (Help)

I am going out on a long trip and I need some tips and/or advice on tying it down in the back of the pick up truck....I have the two straps and I put them on and pulled real tight till the forks could not take anymore and rode the neighborhood. All seems well but I have this Overwhelming fear of the bike just coming loose or something....This could not happen, right? I dunno why I am just scared I cant go with my friend who had the trailer so now I am a little nervous. Help, Tips, Thoughts all welcome!!!!!!!!!


PS: Anything else I can do to make this FoolProof?

You might consider cutting a 2x4 and putting it between the front fender and tire or buying one of those plastic things that go in the same position. Then you can use ratcheting tie downs and crank on them without stressing the springs and seals.

For long trips I also use tie downs on the frame to hold the bike up.

There has been quite a bit of debate on whether tightening tie downs can cause front spring or seal damage, so I try not to crank on the forks.



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Thanks bill......Actually it will not be as long as I made it seem. I will get there in 3 hours....(thats long for me)

I was just worried if the bike was gonna take off on me. With the trailer I never had any fear plus he put em in..... :)

I appreciate the tip although I honestly dont know what that means.....I have tried to picture it but I still dont get it?



well since it is in a truck it won't fall out of the truck. All it can do if you mess up is fall over on to the sides of the truck. I read is mxamag that you pust one twist in the tie down. And make sure the angle from each stap to the bars are the same.

Once my bike fell out of my trailer. I cried. And whined untill i went to sleep. It is the worst pain a man should go thro. Except the look.


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Originally posted by Young Padawan:

well since it is in a truck it won't fall out of the truck. All it can do if you mess up is fall over on to the sides of the truck.

Actually I have the Tailgate if it did fall I would be in a world of SH#$

One thing I notice when hauling my bike around is the rear wheel will bounce if not secured. I take 2 extra tie downs. One for each side. Wrap one end of a tie-down arond the top of the rear tire and hook it to itself. Then secure the other end to the rear corner cleat. Do this on both sides. I have hauled many a bike, many a mile. I have learned that the front does not need to be as scrunched as you think. Its more imprtant to be even. Young Padawan is right though. If you keep an eye on the bike, the worst that will happen is the bike will fall over. Take your time and keep an eye on your investment. :)


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Forgot to mention, I never leave the ends of the tie down dangling. Always tie a half-hitch, or some kind of knot to prevent slipping.

Good Luck

I called my buddy and he tells me I can buy a bike boot?

I looked at one on the net and I just dont see how that thing will hold this big bike up? He insists it will work and they are handy??



The block goes betweeen the fender and the top of the tire. It sits between the fork legs.

I ALWAYS use tie downs on the frame as well. You can hook onto the frames near the footpegs or the footpegs themselves and run the line straight out to the sides of your truck, if you have a place to hook them to.

You can also wrap a tiedown around the rear tire and hook this onto your truck somewhere. This way, if a tie lets loose, the bike SHOULDN'T roll out of the back of the truck. It only takes ONE time to lose a bike, to get the gumption to use a safety line somewhere.

With the side ties, you don't have to crank the forks until they blow.


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The 'boot' is an ATK Bike Shoe - I just bought two of them & will install them shortly. When I'm taking my bike only I put it in the center of the bed - tie downs from the bars to each front corner. I have 5th wheel hitch mounting rails in the bed of my truck and work great for running a tie down to each peg. bike stays upright w/o any problem with very little tension on the bar mounted tie downs.


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