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Hey guys,

Just thought I would take a minute and inform the list about a couple of things. First the temp gauge oil dip stick from XR's Only. It looks pretty trick. Works well. Although I have only had it in for one ride it seems pretty good. Something to take your mind off of the temperature of your bike.

And then comes the Frame Guards from Works Connection. I am curious how many guys have these on your 426's. Not on the 400's but the 426's. I have seen them on three different YZ400's and they seemed to be good so I looked all around, and ended up ordering them from Chaparral. Of course they sent me the wrong ones (For a YZ400) and finally today after my frame paint is all worn off, they came in. I anxiously ran out in the garage to put them on. They looked like they were of pretty decent quality. I put on the shifter side first. You everything seemed to be going fine until it came time to fasten the (only) frame tube clamp. The bolt they provided was way too short. So I took one of the allen screws that I was supposed to be discarding over to the grinder and ground the head down so it would fit down into the counterbore. No big deal. Then it came time to put the rear brake side on. This piece of sh#t was of the worst match up I have ever seen. The holes have bosses welded on the back of the plate. The bolt configeration does not match up. So I figured I would drill out the holes .060 to correct the misalingment. No chance. I ended up drilling them out further, and on top of that getting the dremel out to make some clearance for the socket to get down in the hole because it was so misaligned. I usually am not one to bitch about things like this, but it was rediculous! I should have taken the advice someone gave about getting the $21 Acerbis guards, I could have bought two pairs of them....... I really should have sent them back, but they were half way on, and I do like the protection they give. I just wanted to warn anyone else that is thinking about getting these things to be prepared for possible headaches!! So needless to say, I would not suggest these things to anyone.

Ok, I feel better now.

Thanks for listening


I slapped the White Bros YZ400 frame guards on my 426 and aside from some minor bending to clear the sub-frame they work great.


'00 YZ426

That's funny my Works Connection frame guards fit PERFECT! I have had trouble with the fit of the JUNK :) made by Devol. I will never ever buy anything made by Devol again. Their CRAP almost cost me a motor on my old RMX250 but that's another story

I really frustrating to pay top dollar for something and then have to "fit" it.

I bought an E-line skid plate for my 400, I like it but.... I spent hour trying to get the bolt holes to line up, no dice. I finely took a dremel to two of the holes to elongate them, it didn't take much, but I shouldn't of had to do it at all.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F


On the dip stick temp gauge. It has worked well for the last few weeks. The vibration of the engine does not seem to be taking a toll on it. However, this weekend was the first time I had been a little sloppy with the filling of the gas tank............ I got a very small splash of gas on it, not a real hard thing to do, since as all of you know the dip stick is close to the gas fill cap. I took a rag to the tank and also wiped the dip stick clean of gas and within 10 min, the gas had eaten away the plastic cover that houses the temp gauge. I am going to call XR's only to see what they would do. You would think that they would make it at lease resistant to some fuel. This was not racing fuel or anything exotic, plain old 93octane unleaded. I will let you know the results of the phone call.


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