Please Help 2003 YZ 450 F NOT GETTIGN GAS

I haven't started my bike in a while and couldn't get it started. I pulled out the plg, cleaned it and shot a little started fluid on the plug. I got it to turn over and almost fire up but then I realized it was only from the starting fluid. Plenty of gas is coming out of the pet cock but it will not makes it way to the bowl. I have no clue how to get gas in the bowl. I took the whole carb apart and whn I blow into the fule spout, no air will come out anywhere.

if you have gas to the carb, but nothing in the carb, you have a blocked passage in the carb. pull the bowl and remove the float, on the float there is a tang where the need attaches by a little wire. the needle is a little brass piece about 1/2" long with a rubber tip. the needle should come right out of the seat (brass piece in the car body). with the float removed and the needle removed you should be able to blow thru the nipple that your gas line hooks to...If your bike has been sitting for some time, clean the carb completely and blow all passages out with air...

I pulled the bowl off and removed the float and where the float hinges is a little button and that looked where the gas would fill the bowl but that will not come off. Any way you could show me what you are talking about from the parts diagram? Thanks.

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