Shifter sticking?

There was mention of this before. What is causing it exactly? Mine is acting up a little. I did break a clutch cable! Kinked it on the bark busters, my fault. Killer bike. It was my first real ride this weekend. This thing rips! Even good in the tight stuff. --Mike

My WR450 was sticking for the first 200 miles - square edges in the sync transmission. The first oil change showed shavings in the filter and on the mag drain plug. Prognosis normal. Most of the shavings in the filter could be picked up with a magnet also - again likely from the transmission. My WR450 now has over 500 miles and the shifting is getting better - only nuetral is sometimes a hunt. Put a Revloc clutch on the unit last week and now shift clutchless. It's wierd - preload the shifter with your toe, chop the throttle to nuetralize torque and the bike clicks right up to the next gear. In heavy rocks, uphill, with switchbacks the Revloc is too cool.

Why did you go with the Revloc? Got cash to spare? :) I went with the Z-start...KILLER.

My shifter was sticking when I first bought it. Took it to the dealer and they fixed it. Was at 30 miles when I took it in. It hasn't had a problem since. They didn't tell me what they did but other members have said they are polishing the shift shaft (??)

Well I had cash to spare. Now it's on the bike. :D What's the difference between a Z-Start and the Revloc ? Aren't they both centrifical clutches ? :D Other than contributing to Doug's retirement (Revloc Owner) is there a perfomance difference ? I'm thinking now I should have done my homework. :) You're right, or they were, polishing the shift shaft relieves the stiction in shifting. I ended up using old fashioned dirt to smooth the shifting on the 450.

I can't tell you the exact differences in the clutches but they're all based on the same concept. The Z-start was only $400 and was definitely more in my price range. It installed in 30 minutes and is externally adjustable. I hope you're enjoying your auto-clutch as much as I am!! :):D

Hmmm? I should do my homework. This just does not fly for racing. It did seem to get a bit better after a few miles. This thing shifts awesome! The automatics would be cool but I like the fine control of the left hand :) Call me old fasion. I would really have to try one first. I want to get this shifter deal fixed pronto. It does just seem tight? ---Mike

Good quality oil makes most bikes shift better. I have had good luck with Silkolene.

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