FMF Customer Service

I had a FMF Powerbomb and IV-2 silencer on order. The Powerbomb was suppossed to be released today. Knowing that I would have my new exhaust this week, I sold my stock exhaust and shipped it away on Monday. Unfortunately FMF had a delay in production of the Powerbomb. Now what do I do, with out an exhaust system, I now have a $6500 boat anchor.

I called Mike at FMF and explained my situation. He said he would get back to me in ten minutes. Upon his return call he stated that he had a loaner Hi-Flo header pipe I could use until the Powerbomb arrived.

I don't know about you but this is what I call excellent customer service. FMF was not obligated to me in anyway, but when I needed help, they were there. I went from not having an exhaust system at all, to running moto's up and down my street in about 4 hours. From my limited moto experience in the street the IV-2 silencer does sound quiter than the stock 426 exhaust.

So to Mike and FMF thanks.

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