WR426 ... 2 idle speeds ??

My 01' WR426 seems to have 2 idle speeds. When the throttle is closed, its seems to go

to a "fast" idle, then later drop to a lower idle speed, where it stays. The delay

is not always the same, it is at least 4 seconds, but sometimes longer.

This happens if the bike is in neutral, but it also does this in gear, so there is

power behind it.

Any one else experience this? Could the accelerator pump be continuing to pump

somehow? The bike has 86 miles on it.

I maybe wrong, but it sounds like your a little lean. Turn your fuel screw OUT 1/4 turn and try again. This may require the idle adjustment to be corrected after the fuel screw is set.

I agree, definatly too lean on the pilot circuit. My bike did this until I rejetted. The pilot circuit has to be under control before you can work on the main jetting. You should do the BK mod and even consider the James Now mod. I have done both and the things runs trouble free with no plug fouling.

I agree, sounds lean. More than just the pilot air screw by the sounds of it, you probably need a larger PJ but try the Pilot air screw but make sure you run it in first to see how far out you are, I think they say you should not go over 2 1/2 turns out with it.

Thanks for your replies.

Can you give me a pointer to the BK and JamesNow mod,

I'm not famaliar with these.


Mine did the same as you describe. Just adjusting the idle down fixed mine.

I tried to just adjust the air screw before I did any jetting and it drove me crazy. Any slight variation in air temp etc and the idle would "hunt" again. Try one size larger than stock on the pilot jet.

My cyber skills are not up to these other fellows but the BK mod and James Now mod were covered in detail a couple months ago.

Can someone send him the links?

Both those mods helped my bike stop hesitating when the throttle was opened quickly.

I found the link for the BK mod.

The link for the jamesnow seems to be broken, or out of date.


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