05 Wr 450 starter problem

Is my starter going out, It keeps running after the motor has started, thought it might be the starter button but unplugged it and still have the problem. Even after killing the motor , turning on the power switch will start the motor. Wiring seems to be fine, So I'm guessing there must be a short in the starter, Can this be fixed without buying a starter?

Thank you

Could it be the starter relay?

It comes off the battery positive lead and is the electro-mechanical switch that actually makes the connection to send power to the starter motor.

The starter button up on the handlebar triggers this part into action.

No not the starter relay had it checked, Didn't think it would be. when they go there completely dead.. I found another relay right behind the top of the airbox, Any idea what this one is for ? Thinking this might be the problem. I pulled that relay out and the starter stopped. Have one ordered. Somehow the starter constantly has juice running to it. When the power is on

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