Fellow BRP's need some plastic advice.


A buddie of mine busted up his rear fender on his 03CR125R.

We feel bad about what happened and want to help him out being his 1st ride and all before he busted up some of the plastic. My question is has anyone ever tried the aftermarket plastic like the UFO stuff or another brand. Or should we go with the original factory Honda replacement parts?

A friend of mine told me his concern would be that the plastic might be thiner then the factory stuff?

What do you guys think? Do you all have any other concerns?


UFO and Acerbis aftermarket plastic is good stuff....

I tend to go for acerbis for my dirtbike....

I replaced the radiator shrouds on my BRP - broke around the screw hole. I bought UFO which seemed to be the same thickness and color. I had just a slight problem aligning smashpc.gifthe holes, but was able to flex them into position to get the screws in.

Have him go w/ the cheapest stuff, if he is a beginner he will likely do it again. Acerbis is what I have on my 01CR250, looks good but had small alignment problems when installing.

Cool, thanks guys! :)

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