Street legal in michigan

got my bike inspected today.. the cop they sent out had never done this before, so i had to basically clue him in as to what was legal ,.. NO, i dont need turn signals..

and YES, my fisher price squeezy horn is legal. :D

thennnnnnn on to the secratary of state.. the gIrl behind the counter said she had only done one title conversion like this , in the 2 yrs. shes worked there. i thought oh great. :D well, after numerous questions to her manager, who didnt know anything either, and a phone call to lansing , to see how to do it, I HAVE MY PLATE !!!!!!


Sound like the same as when I got my yz400 legal last year. The cop was clueless and the lady at the sec of state was worse.

I had to convince her that motorcycle's do not have a rear differential.

You diddn't hear this from me but I bet you could get away with filling out that green form yourself and scribbling some illegible name in the spot for the officers name. The cop who signed mine has such bad wrighting that I couldn't make out his name. Even if the Sec of state wanted to verify the inspection with the cop they couldn't because of his bad handwrighting.

I think that that green form is kinda like showing them your proof of insurance. They just want to see it. They dont do anything with it.

By the way If you ever want to get a clear title on a salvaged motorcycle, Good Luck. The Sec of state dont have a clue as to how to do this. There is 1 cop in Michigan that inspects bikes for this. only 1. believe me I called them all. None of them do it. Talk about a pain. I hate the sec of state.

i dont think i'd fudge the green form....about the time theres an accident, and another party got hurt and sued, the lawyer for the other party would start checking paperwork, and if the local law has no record of ever being at your place to check the bike... BUSTED !!!

Can you let me know the overall process for this getting a plate in MI? Where do you get the forms and how to arrange for an inspection?

Also, do they care if you have non DOT tires?


go to the secratary of state and ask for the green form for the inspecton, to convert an orv from an off raod title to a regular motorcycle title. this form has a number, but i cant remember what it is. then call your local law enforcement agency, and tell them you need them to send an officer to your house to do a vin #, and safety equipment check, on a motorcycle. as far as d.o.t. tires.... the cop that checked mine didnt even look at the tires. but if you get a guy whos up on this stuff.. it could be a diff. story. :)

Yeah, the girls at the Sec. of State don't have a clue. Just got my plate renewed this week and they never even had a record of the plate in the system. All I know is that they had to do a title conversion manually and mail to Lansing last year as the computers didn't know how. Wonder what would have happened if a cop had stopped me....

"Really officer its really mine and its all paid up and street legal." And all the officer would says is "You know why they call it the slammer don't you?" :)

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