The Truth about Air Filter Cleaning Solutions

So I have to say I was more than a little peeved tonight. I bought one of those very nice filter care kits. It came with Cleaning Solution, Filter Oil, Rubber Gloves, Contact Cleaner, and a couple of buckets. Well tonight was the first I used it. I popped open the can of Cleaning Solution (Liquid Dirt Remover), to my surprise it smelled like kerosene. It looked like white kerosene and evaporated like kerosene, burnt like kerosene, poured like kerosene. Must be kerosene! Did I just get ripped here? At close to $20.00 a gallon verses $1.70, does anyone know if it really is just plain kerosene? Fortunately, I am very happy with the rest of the kit, so I don't feel to bad. For years I used white kerosene to clean my filters and chain. On my new bike I thought I would do it right. Hmmm! Is right using kerosene?

That reminds of an old joke - the punch line goes - "Good thing I didn't step in it" :)


don't know. but i've switched to notoil products. good stuff. i have the washing machine notoil. it's sweet because i can put 4 to 5 filters in my washing machine at once, poor in the powder, and just forget about it for awhile. when they are done i let them air dry and apply the oil and a bead of greese around the edge... that's it. no dirty hands, no gas, no latex gloves.

as long as your wife isn't overpretective of your washing machine.

good stuff man.

No-toil is the way to go. I think the best part is that you can just wash it in the sink with regular water. Then just wash off with the magic white powder then dry and oil.

Great stuff. I like the washing machine system, did not know they had that one. Might have to look into that one.

Sounds like someone likes to spend money on fancy cleaning stuff! Forget all that junk, wash your filter in either Naptha, Mineral Spirits, or Kerosene, and if you want to use gloves and a bucket, then you can get those at wal-mart for cheap. All we are trying to do here is simply clean a foam filter! It does not require expensive kits to do so. Use a good filter oil though! That part is pretty important, even though they aren't cheap.


PS. the powder stuff the other guy mentions sounds cool .

I agree. Kerosene and a oil pan will do a fine job. I would like to check out the No-Toil stuff. I like to be enviromentaly friendly.

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