Spoke removal?

Hey TT,

I am trying to remove the spokes from my front rim & i am just using a regular little spoke wrench. On the very first one I started stripping the nipple. Is there another tool i should be using? The spoke wrench seemed to fit the nipple just right?

You can try removing them from the inside of the rim with a square bit.

You might be turning the wrong way. But like wiz said. Take off the tire and tube, then use a flathead bit on a powerdrill to remove the nipples. Then when you reinstall them, but a dab of grease on the end of the spoke threads first so the nipple doesn't sieze to the spoke like they are right now.

You might be turning the wrong way.

Actually, that's a very common mistake.

What size square bit, and where do you get one? I tried Sears,Home Depot,Harbor Freight and many other places and nobody has them.

On my old yz250 I remember removing the tube and tire to see the head of the nipple from the inside with a phillips or flat-head slot. I used a screw driver for the ones that came off easy and the rest that were siezed I had to cut with a bolt cutter...

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