Awesome Dual Sport Kit!

Just caught a look at Trick Dual Sports new kit. It only weighs a couple of ounces and mounts onto the headlight, no big bulky adapter. You can see a pic here:

They sell for the same price as the old kit but I heard prices are going up soon!

Yes, the new ones are very nice. If you would like to see it mounted on a WR450, I have photos up here: Trick Dual Sport kit

Follow the corresponding link.

Nice!! Very nice!!!!! :D

Dave, I see a really nice looking WR450 on your website....With the old Trick kit........

That's my bike!!!!! :D :D :)

Wow, Dale has really done a great job... I'm totally impressed with this kit... He's been telling me about this kit for a while. It makes other kits look bulky. I bet the others will copy him..... This kit is a win,win.....

Everyone's got their claim-to-fame. Mine's on! :)

Dale hooked me up with the photos and will hook me up with a kit if I can ever come up with the extra $$.


Have you ridden with both the GYTR and the promoto billet one? Curious how you'd rate the two against each other (volume, performance, etc)



Yes, I sure have. I have chosen to stick with the PMB for a number of reasons. First, I think it looks better. Second, it's WAY lighter than the GYT-R. Third, I feel performance is a tad better than the GYT-R because of the slightly larger opening and shorter tube length. Sound levels are the same for both inserts however so both will get you way below the sound requirements for the national forests. I'm still tweaking jetting with the insert and I'm getting fairly close. :)

Too bugging looking headlight. :)

I didn't see the duel sport kit but did you see the racks on those 2. NICE RACK :):D

You can use any DOT light you want and any size turn indicators. That UFO I think is popular as nothing really sticks out to get whacked off by a tree.

And that is the new kit on the WR, it's just an early one I believe.

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