do you have to remove the rear frame to get off the rear shock?

wondering if the rear frame has to come off on a 426 to get the rear shock out. want to get it out today so help is greatly appreciated. anybody removed theirs before that could help?:bonk:

rear sub frame comes out in like 5mins, and i'm sure it would make it alooot easyer to remove shock.

That's how I do it.

No, you could remove the rear wheel and swingarm instead :bonk: Even then you still might have to remove the exhaust to get the clearance for the shock reservoir.

i striped a hex bolt to the frame and cant get the other one to budge either. its this bolt. i removed the exhaust already. is easy out or drilling the head off my only option. i drilled the head off a bolt to the crankcase before and that workd. any tool that could get it out?



If you used a hex key, or Allen wrench on that, you should have expected it to strip. It's not a hex socket, it's a Torx® bolt, also called star socket heads, and it requires a Torx® bit to turn it. There may be enough left of the head to respond to the right tool if you go get one before you do any more damage. They come in numbered sizes, and that one is likely a #40, but I can't recall for certain.

:bonk: i took a chisel to the outer edge and got it to start turning and it came out. i was almost positive it was a hex bolt though. the other one came off with the hex socket but it is stuck to it curently now so it makes sense that its a torx bit. thanks

mine is hex on my 98 yz400f you can just take the frame bolt between gas tank and seat an wiggle it out. but yeah its easyer to just take the sub and exhaust off what 9 bolts with the side plates.


When I had the shock and forks done I remembered to take a picture just for this kind of post.....I think it is the only way to go as far as being easier....and having everything out in the open ....

I've never seen Yamaha use a Torx bolt in that location. It is socket head that uses a 6mm hex key. Yamaha part # 90110-08096-00 "BOLT, HEX SKT HEAD". I always make sure I use a hex key that is sharp and not rounded. So glad they went to a hex bolt in the more recent years.....

i think it is a hex bolt because i ordered new ones and it said hex something by the part number.

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