Scotts Stabilizer mounting for tall guys

I want to put the Scotts dampener on my WR450. I am 6'4'' and I like the handlebars higher and farther forward than most. Does Scotts sell a kit or combo that will acomplish this without making the mounting of the stabilizer difficult. Scotts doesnt have an 800 number and I bet some of you guys know as much as some of their sales reps. Thanks

This new damper from GPR raises the bars 1 to 1-1/4 inches depending on the bike. I believe it is 1-1/4 on the Yamahas. It is really nice as it is below the bars and out of the way. They told me one with adjustable forward and back bar mount is in the works next.


I am also a bit on the tall side (6'4" too). I have never really had taller than normal bars, but that is about to end. Why would the scotts prevent you from using taller bars? I plan to get a scotts, some really tall bars, and I'm wondering what the problem would be. :)

From what I can tell, it should be easier to mount with tall bars because I plan to use bars with a crossbar. Protaper doesn't make bars as tall as I want. I am planning on getting bars with a 5.2 inch rise. (any opinions on that?) What gives?

Chris :D

I want to get the bars taller AND just a little further forward so they are not behind my shoulders when standing up. Also when you just raise them like with a protaper adapter it actuall moves them slightly reward because of the slight tilt of the top clamp. Also moving the bars forward may not be possible because of the scotts little hangy down thingy may not line up after moving forward. I am not sure. I used a Baja desings set up to raise and move forward some bars on another bike and loved it but no dampner involved. Tim

Something else. There doesnt seem to be much slack in the cables to go very far forward and up. See you are from Utah. Did a few days in Moab last week. What a hoot. Tim

Where can I find out more about GPR are they any good?

I'd like to know more as well. I noticed that gpr's website isn't resolving.

Just did a search on GPR and there is some good info. If I can get up and forward I'm goin Scotts. Tim


Just get your Scotts mounted 180 degrees around. Scotts does this for the computer mounts. This will also let you mount the handlebars as far forward as you need. You may need a custom triple clamp to get the bars as far forward as you want. The scotts damper is closer to you gas tank cap in this position.

6' 6" here and I have the Scotts Dampener, the Scotts Treiple Clamp and the Scotts Tall ProTaper Mount - it is taller, and has two mounting positions if you wnat to go a bit forward... not a huge difference, but it all makes a difference... the tall mount is no extra, if you buy the dampener, triple clamp, and bar mount kit...

To turn the dampener around, you will need the link arm puller... a bit extra - $15 or so if I recall correctly...

It can be done... easily, with the Scotts dampener, but you need to buy the stuff from them to suit...

Have you done the lowered footpegs mod as well...?



Check out BRP. I keep pimping these guys, maybe they'll sort me out!! No really though, call over there and talk to JIm or Cameron. They willl sort you out w/a whole package if need be. They will at least give you some info you are looking for. :)

By the way, I have the Protaper Pastrana FMX bars and love them. They are the highest and about 1.5 inches narrower which is nice in the Utah mountain single-track.

Good Riding!

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After stareing at the scotts dampener for a while, my brain must have accidently started working (rare). I now see the problem with mounting the bars farther FORWARD. If you do this, then the axis of the dampener will also be further forward. You would need a custom mount of some sort that moves the dampener back where it should be so the rotating pin's axis lines up again with the steering head bearings. I need to call scotts I guess. :D

Chris :)

I'm only 5'8 but I like to have my bars forward and higher than normal because I like to stand as much as I can and feel I have more control with the bars away from me.. I'm going through the same situation that you are. To fix my problem I bought Pro-Tapers top clamp that are adjustable so that you can move the bars more forward, on my WR426 I didn't notice it that much but on the 450 I felt that the stock bars were too close to my body... When you move the bars forward on the Pro-Taper clams it also raises the bars too.


Now the only problem is that my Scotts Stabilizer doesn't work anymore, not just because the connecting link isn't long enough but it moves the stabilizer over the front stem making it off-set from center. The only option you might have is to get the lower Scotts mount so that your ergos are totally out of the picture... I just ordered mine yesterday and should be in anyday... It really makes sence to me because I never adjust my stabilizer, I'm usually about 5 clicks out from the stiffest setting and don't touch it.


Best of luck...


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