'06 450f forks on an '05 125

I've been quietly shopping around for a new set of 06+ forks for my '05 yz 125. I'm pretty sure they will bolt on, however I'm wondering about the internals of the 450 forks compared to a 125. I was planning on swapping out my springs into the new forks, will they fit? Or fit in any 06+ yamaha forks for for that matter? Will the damping assembly length play any part in affecting the performance being on a 125 as opposed to a 450f?

Thanks ahead of time, Dan

I don't see any advantage to using the 450, or even 250F forks, although the forks from a 250F would make more sense. The stem length of the 450 is wrong, and the overall length of the fork legs themselves is also longer.

You would need to completely revalve either fork for the 125. As is, they'd be entirely wrong for the bike. Seems to me, you be way ahead just to revalve your stockers.

one of the damping rods is is broken... I figured I'd just find a used pair of '06 or newer yz forks instead of fixing mine because of the improvements yamaha made from 2005 to 2006. I thought maybe the forks were the same except for the springs inside, I guess I'll have to look for a 250f or 125 fork set instead as I'm in no rush to get them revalved

Consider contacting Dave Johnson at SMART Performance. (link in my sig). He carries a lot of stuff for these forks directly from KYB, so he services parts that Yamaha doesn't. It may well turn out that yours can be repaired, updated, and revalved for less than a set of used forks by the time you factor in all the tinkering and tweaking involved in making them work.

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