03 06 yz450 pipe fits on a 98 YZ400F

I just got a good deal on a new DR. D exhaust system for a 03 to 06 yz450f it fits better on my 98 YZ400F than the stock one. Am i late on this info? I didn't see anyone else try it on here just FYI it worked great for me.:bonk:

Did you actually use the whole system? The header matched up and everything else too? That's great. It really opens up the exhaust options. Thanks

:bonk: yep the header fit perfect. and its alot easier to find an 03 to 06 exhaust.

I just installed a Leo Vince mid pipe and slip on onto my 426, very nice fit. '03-'05 YZ and WR 450 version. With dB killer in place it is as quiet as a pair of slippers. With it uncorked I think that it is actually louder than stock (YZ). It's the X3 enduro model, and it has 4 baffle options, 2 with spark arrestor and 2 without. It is a bit heavier than the stock YZ pipe, but it is so much quieter I don't mind running the engine in my neighborhood any more.

There is one left on eBay.


It fits perfectly, but I will need to jet/adjust carb with the quiet baffle installed.

pscook, do you have a picture?

pscook, do you have a picture?

I'll try to remember to take one tonight. It literally fit perfectly, first try, no issues. There is an extra bracket and clamp included, but I didn't need to install it. I think that the silencer is universal with a model specific mid pipe. My package was for a WR450, the midpipe sticker stated YZ450. From what I have seen, the '03-'04 YZ450 and '03-'06 WR450 share a bunch of the same parts that happen to fit on the 426 model. Pipe, Rekluse clutch, wheels, etc.

I ran the bike with the new pipe yesterday for the first time, the volume difference between dB killer and wide open is incredible. Haven't attempted to sort the jetting yet.

how is the power with the Leo Vince?

how is the power with the Leo Vince?

I haven't ridden it yet, besides trying to tune my Rekluse perch adjuster in my driveway. It needs rejetting, that's for sure.

Anyway, someone asked for pics, so here you go. Lots, in fact. Outside of the box, as shipped (and ordered)-


Bike in profile-


Mid pipe, installed-


Silencer, installed-


USFS tag, on pipe not on insert. Oddly enough, I could run this bike without the screen and still have the USFS tag. I assume since the dB killer insert routes into the baffles, that is a spark stopper. Hard for me to say.


Label on silencer, I assume it is universal-


Label on mid pipe, note that it says "YZ450F," even though I ordered a WR pipe-


And, one of me on the big track. I just like this pic, trying to show it off every now and then. The photog is a friend, and he's pretty good. www.studio819.smugmug.com, Brandon Bones.


Ill post up a review after I get some seat time. Might be an abbreviated review as it's supposed to rain, and probably can't run the dirt section when it's raining out (shared track between Supermoto and Karts. The Karts don't really like the dirt spread out on the track, go figure).

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