riding coats

I am looking to by a riding coat but not sure which one to go with. I would like on that the sleeves come of and also it can fold into its own fanny pack. do you guys have any good recommendations. :)

Scotts have a nice one, and Fox have just released a new one which has had great reviews... though I see you are from Canada and the Fox one doesn't really suit the colder climates... no liner, or ability to zip in a liner... you may have warm riding jerseys anyway...


Check out ACERBIS. Mine has both those features. They may even have liners for the cold weather. We tend to ignore the liner and layer clothing, using the fanny back to stow it if we strip down several miles into the ride.

My Acerbis Kilma jacket will not fold up into a fanny pack. It is too thick and has shoulder pads and elbow pads in it.

I just ordered a Thor from the Motorcycle Superstore. They have a number of different jackets that you can check out :)

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