YZ426 Broken Third Gear

Broke third gear on my 426, anyone have similar problems?

Boy that sucks. How did that happen? Is the gear cog actually broken?

One tooth of the third gear pinion broke on deceleration. Luckly it only did minor damage. Unfortunately the parts have been on order for three weeks and and I'm still waiting.

3 weeks! Have you called Yamaha? If not I'd get on the phone. It's amazing how fast things turn up ;-) It's not like they have to make one, it's just sitting on a shelf somewhere. One of the things I've learned is dealers can be really bad/lazy about tracking orders....they seem to "improve" after the Reginal Rep for the company calls to see what the deal is....I had a problem like this with a Honda. After POLITELY explaining how disapointed I was to customer service at Honda...Honda got the part to the dealer and extended the warranty just to make sure I was happy.

Don't suffer in silence! :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I'm on the phone once a week to Yamaha. The problem is that Yamaha Japan dosen't even have the part I'm waiting for, third gear pinion, and it's not even due to be air frieghted from Japan until June 5. It all leads me to believe that there is a problem with the part.

I see that the factory YZ's used in the 500MX all have back torque limiter clutches, I wonder if this is to spare the gears or just aid shifting ?

Would turning up the idling speed slightly reduce the shock on downshifts/engine braking a bit ?

Paul Card

00' 426

My 3rd gear broke in Feb. Still no parts. At least Yamaha is covering under warrenty.

Well unfortunately I guess I'm not the only one to break third gear. Midcalmxer how did your's break? F.Y.I The only part I'm still waiting for, the broken gear, is supposed to be air freighted form Japan on June 9.

3rd and 4th broke after about 15 hours on the bike. It was not noticeable until I hit the upper rpm range. All the while I was experiencing clutch probs too. It was difficult to pinpoint the problems becuase so many were occurring at the same time. I have a dealer that has made the extra effort to take care of this and has on order the entire set of gears which could be here any time (June 9?)


00 yz426

00 yz250

Parts finally arrived on 6-9, dealer had bike to me on 6-10. Yamaha paid. Rode Sat and Sun, feels like a new bike. The problem is the gear dogs were rounded off which allowed for normal shifting but slipping under hard accellaration. Why? Yamaha's not saying, my best guess would be quality of steel used for gears or a tolerance problem. Seems to work ok now (6hours)Keep you posted. By the way the Hinson clutch basket AND clutch boss is the setup for 426 clutch. It really made a huge difference and worth the 5 bills.

I've also recieved my parts and have almost finished putting it back together again. I'm not too worried about the clutch. I'll let you know how it runs after I ride it on thurs.

I'm parting out a YZF motor, and can sell you that 3rd gear.

Scott F

Originally posted by socalmxer:

One tooth of the third gear pinion broke on deceleration. Luckly it only did minor damage. Unfortunately the parts have been on order for three weeks and and I'm still waiting.

Scott, I know someone shopping for R/H case half for a yz400. Can you give me a price? I'll be watching the posts or you can e-mail me. Thanks. 426 Tommy.

A friend of mine had the same problem. 3rd gear broke, and destroyed his whole motor. It took 2 weeks for yamaha to get the parts, which wasn't actually too bad. He was lucky, because he works as a mechanic at the local Yamaha dealership. Yamaha warrantied the whole thing. It happened early in the spring, so that might be why he got the parts. He had to put a new crank, piston, oil pump and shaft, clutch basket, and all of the bearings. His bike has worked fine ever since, but it is always in the back of his head when he rides. My 426 has been ok, but I am getting a new clutch basket next week, because mine is on its way out. I have heard of a lot of them doing that. Let me know if you want to know anything else about the 3rd gear.

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