Trials tire

Can anyone recommend a good trials tire for Enduros and trail riding in the N. California type area. I have a 18" rear, will a heavy duty tube do the trick? Do I need to shove a extra half tube in to compinsate for the low psi? Thanks, Jeff S

Pirelli MT-43 has stiffer sidewalls than the rest and is a good choice. I will be running mine with the TuBliss tire insert

Dunlop 803 lose their center knobs quick on the hwy, but have worked well for me @ 12psi. Downhill braking is exciting.

A second vote for the Pirelli MT-43. The center knobs don't chunk at hwy speeds (they are a DOT rated tire). I run them at 8 psi with a Bridgestone ultra heavy duty tube. Have them on two of my WRs and they are now my rear tire of choice.

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