How to install scott oil filter

I have an 01 wr 426, i ordered the scott oil filter for it. when changing oil filters i noticed that the scott filter does not have the holes to seat on the rubber nipples that the stock one uses. what should i do?

the scott wont seat with these here.



Hey Paul I have installed the SCOTTS OIL FILTER on my 01 WR426 You do not need the blue rubber, I called SCOTTS and they said that its only used for a spacer on the stock unit. Hope that helps. Any questions just call SCOOTS their very helpful. Raid Safe and Ride Often

Does your Scott's filter have a rather wide black rubber gasket("O" ring) that fits on the cover-end of the filter? I use a touch of assembly lube grease to hold it in place when I slip the cover have the bike leaned way over to the left to help keep the filter in place as I replace the cover. I put a large eye-bolt in my garage celing joist and then hook a tie-down from there to my handlebar crossbeam. This also keeps excess oil from running down the engine case when I remove the filter cover. Works for me.

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