More YZ426 tire questions (dual sport)

Need some help here... I ve tried searching and read everything i can find and i just cant seem to make up my mind. Im trying to decide which tires is gonna be best for my bike and last the longest for me. My usual ride is a 30 mile round trip to work and back. Then mild trail rides on the weekend. Nothing too serious on the trails now that i just came outta my 3rd surgery on the same knee. Usually on the ride to work im runnin about 55-60 mph. No highway for me.

I really like the 606 but i cant find one for a 19 inch wheel. The only other tire i really seen was the ac 10. I like the design , im just not sure how long it will hold up with my kind of riding. Probably just gonna put a rear tire on it for now seeing as the front still has decent tread. Im gonna say i need about a 70street/30 dirt tire. What would you all suggest?

Thanks, whyZE426

Not many dual sport YZ's. If you don't get an answer soon, you might want to try the WR forum.

Try the MT 21 Rallycross. I have had these on some old dual sports, KTM 620 and DR350. It does well on the road and not too bad in the dirt. As I remember it lasted for awhile.

A street legal YZ, you lucky man. :bonk:

Pirelli makes a MT 21, dual sport tire,mostly dirt in a 120-80-19, they are dot rated and cost about $ 75. great tire, Kenda makes Dot rated k761 dual sport tire, 100/90-19, 80% on road and 20% off road, they are cheep about $ 50. just a coujple of choices,


it looks like im either gonna be going for the mt 21's or else the shinko 705's. Im really diggin the look of the shinko's, but i think i might get into a little too much mud/ rocks for them. I've never ridden any other tires than knobby's so im a little shy to try out the shinko's. But then again i dont want to end up with a set of treads that is gonna wear out after a month of my commute to and from work lol. Thanks for the advice on the mt 21's.

p.s. i do get some looks from the other bikers when they see my plated 426f :bonk: :bonk: But the local law enforcment also looks me over pretty good everytime they see me too haha :bonk:

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