Thanks boys!

I figured I would let the rest of you spend hours and hours messing with the WR450. Why should I miss Oprah?

I put all the new brass in my carb last night and Geez does that thing go! Third gear wheelies down the street.

I used the 48 pilot, 160 main, YZ needle at #4, 72 starter jet and 2.5 turns on the fuel screw. I pulled the grey wire and added the GYT baffle. The GYT baffle is really cheap looking so I got a PRO Billet baffle. The bike ran better with the PRO Billet.

Thanks again!

Lets see how long I go before I

how do i know when to believe you? :)

It is very difficult to tell as I lie for a living.

So you're a lawyer, huh? :):D

Third gear wheelies down the STREET? Does your wife glare at you when you come back? Mine does. :)

When I do that my wife comes out with a sour look and starts throwing my gear at me...I usually get a piece of equipment per word..."ARE-(duck helmet) YOU (duck left boot) STUPID?!?! (Sidestep scattersheild)....some people just dont understand the whole "test ride" thing. :):D :D

I put money on Politician. :D:)

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