Oil change on my 02 WR426

Hello all.

Having recently moved up from a RM250 to a WR426 im not sure on how to do a oil change on the WR ?? :bonk:

Any info would be great. what oil to get and how to do it ???

Thanks in advance :bonk:

remove the bottom bolt under the bike and drain the oil with the oil fill cap removed. then remove the hex bolt on the oil filter cover and drain there. mine as well remove the two other bolts and change the oil filter while your changing the oil. mine was real dirty and made it take a long time to add oil when i changed the oil for the first time on my wr426f. when i changed it it took two minutes to add the 1.8 quarts instead of 10-15 minutes. in the manual it says to check the oil strainer but there isnt much need to do that except for the first few oil changes or it the engine blows up.

Adding to bakeyz426f's good advice.....I change my oil every 300 miles (that's about 500km, right?) and the oil filter every other oil change.

-Run bike for 2 or 3 min

-Drain oil from frame (about 1 qt will come out). Be sure to use something to deflect the oil into the drain pan or you will end up with an oily front tire!

-Drain oil from bottom of engine

-Remove filter cover and replace filter

-Reinstall drain plugs and filter cover

-All oil through dip stick hole

-Run for 2 to 3 min then check oil level

A couple of tips:

-You must run the bike before you check the oil level

-Never run the bike with the dip stick out (unless you like cleaning up a mess!):bonk:

PS: You can download a manual for free from this site


^^^^^ good gas to you! I've been looking for one for my Raptor!


^^^^^^ I looked for one for a budies Raptor but didn't have any luck. Did you find one?

Since it's on topic, where does everyone get their oil filters for their WR's, best price? 

And what oil does everyone run? 

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