Do the YZ400 tank graphics = YZ426?

I'm working on some graphics for a YZF426 and realized I don't have the template listed in my database.

Does the tank graphic for the YZF400 for years 1998 - 2002 fit a 2001 YZF426? What year range is compatable if it's a match?

If not I could use some help finding either the template or a tracing of the tank.



yz400f and yz426f are identical when it comes to body and tank.

I'm about 98% sure they are the same. I just ordered a graphics kit for my 426 and when ordering it said for 98-02 400/426. hope that helps.

They are one in the same from 98-02.

Thanks for verifying that one for me. The years, makes, models and variations within the models gets dizzying from time to time!!!!

Ah its not that bad.

98-99 YZ 400

00-02 YZ 426, same plastic and frame as 98-99

03-05 YZ 450, Gen 1

06-09 YZ 450, Gen 2 (aluminum frame)

10-?? YZ 450 Gen 3

WR's are a bit different though.

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