Skid Plate - WR450

Has anyone found a skidplate for a WR450 that provides adequate protection and is; a) not too heavey :D is simple to install without any modifications and c) is relatively easy to clean out?

The underside of my bike took a big hit on a rock last weekend and came within a few hundreths of an inch of doing some serious damage :). Any vendor contact information and user feedback will be greatly appreciated.

I really like the Utah Sport Cycle skid plate. Mondo protection and only adds about a pound over the stock junk. Excellent fit and can take a major hit. I'll take the extra weight for the extra protection anyday. :)

I love the one I got from BRP. . I couldn't justify the extra $$ to look cool with a carbon fiber unit.

I use an E-line carbon fiber. Its light and strong.

Ditto on the E-Line........ :thumbsup:to Kevin.

BRP makes a good one. Good shark fins too and really cool guys on top of it all! Check 'em out at BRP :)

Ditto on the E-line. Carbon/KEVLAR, very strong and cool :) I think $130 on a very strong skid plate to protect the engine on my $6000 bike is justification enough for me. Whats worth protecting more than your powerplant besides yourself. Thats what condoms are for :D

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