Wiring for Vapor Indicator Dashboard

I've seen a few other riders on the forum have also installed the Trail Tech Vapor speedo/tacho... but has anyone had any experience with the additional indicator dashboard (http://www.trailtech.net/022-PDA.html)? I've setup the Vapor on my 2005 WR450 and am about to have a crack at wiring up the 4 lights on the dashboard. I'm probably going to go with left indicator, right indicator, high beam and power (key is turned to "on"). I can probably work out which wires I need to connect up without too much trouble but thought I'd see if anyone else has already done this. Any tips or photo's would be really appreciated. Cheers.

Ok, nevermind... after having a look and connecting up the wires I realised how ridiculously easy this really is. I probably should have put some thought into what is involved before posting this thread. Cheers.

i bought a vapor computer for my wr426f and was wondering if can wire it up some how to make the lights stay on at night.

Connect the power to the bike battery. No need to switch the Vapor off. 15 minutes of inactivity and it turns itself off.

my wr426f doesnt have a battery. its powered by the stator. i thought i saw some where you could tap into a wire like the cdi to get power. im also adding a small 8 aa batery pack to run a horn and turn signals so i thought about tapping into that to power it.

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