what was the difference in brakes from 2001 to 2002 wr426f's and yz426f's???

i was going to swap the front brakes and rear from a 2002 yz426f to my 2001 wr426f. i looked at the part numbers and they are different from 2001 to 2002. the disk is different and caliper and master cylinder i think. im swapping rear wheels with the yz426f and was wondering if i kept my 01 wr426 rear brakes will they work on the 02 yz426 rear disk. im swappping the front brakes and forks with 02 yz426 ones as well but im keeping the 01 wr426f front wheel. will my 01 wr426f front disk work with the 02 yz426f front brake?:bonk:


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