Ocotillo Wells - May 16, 17, 18

Come out & help celebrate my hubby's 30th Bday! :)

We will head down Fri aft/eve and would enjoy good company & good riding.

So - who's in?

Hi Lisa,

I just got back into the office and was checking up on The Thumper Talk. I left for Ocotillo Wells last Friday night and then went from there to Lake Havasu (Calif side) on Sunday. Got back into town last night. Oh man, it was great! Kids rode like the Stallions they are! :) Needless to say...I'll be there. I won't have the kids with me that weekend. See who else I can conjure up!

Ciao, Bell-Lah!

Thank you for the great directions you gave about 2 weeks ago. My hubby joined his family in O'side Tuesday afternoon & they all drove to Ocotillo on Tuesday night. They put in about 100 miles on Wednesday & were absolutely loving it. Hubby said I'd have no problems riding out there - so I'm looking forward to it. They are doing a short ride today (only 30 or so miles he says) and then heading home to help me pack for the HV trip.

Now I know we will have an experienced leader around. Look forward to meeting you.

Hi Leese,

Great to hear everyone is having a good ride! I'll see if I can get ThumpDaddy650, Tomahawk, PowayRider & T-Shady to join the FUN! Have fun at HV. Sounds like an awesome time. Wish I could make that one! Hope you find lotz of Easter Eggs! :)

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