I just purchased a new 426 back in april and

am thinking about changing the handlebars to a higher profile. What is the hot set-up???

I like the pro-tapers but I don't want to change the top tiple clamps, will the bar mount adapters work okay? Please advise!

I'm running Renthal Jimmy Button bend bars, I've had them on three bikes and they are still holding great.


Derwood, traped in IL


I'm running Pro-taper Universal Mid on my 426, the Universal mounts fit fine (make them {the mounts} face inward so the foam cover fits properly).

The Pro Taper Mid has YZ low bars with the universal mounts making them a bit higher (look on the handlebar box, they have a listing of all the bends, widths and heights of the various Pro Taper bars)

Paul Card

00' 426

Azonic top trip.clamp 8mm forward with Azonic double wall barz.

Azonic also makes a universal kit for their double walls if you don't want to spend the cash on new triple clamps.

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