Radiator guards vs braces

I was planning on adding radiator braces to my WR450, but after reading a number of posts am now considering adding guards and braces or just guards if they also work to support in side impacts. Looks like Flatland has the best guards, but now I'm trying to decide if I need both. The folks at Flatland say their guard design also acts as a brace since it supports the back of the radiator as well. I'm also concerned about weight as I'm looking to remove weight not add it if at all possible. Any feedback would be much appreciated as I want to order something this week. :)

Now that you asked, Murphy's Law will apply to your decision. Case in point - Lack of traction and skill, plus steep single track wacked my WR450 in to a scrub pine on Texas Creek, CO this weekend. The tree bent the left fork, removed the left shroud completely and bent my left footpeg backward. If not for the Devol radiator guards the ground would have been colored electric green and I would have been limping to the truck. If Flatland makes a stronger guard than Devol - buy it. Forget about braces and bike weight. Go on a diet, lose 2 pounds and armor your bike instead. :)

Good advice. I'm getting to be a lard butt these days anyway... :)

I run Devol guards with modified works connection braces that I mount to the Devols and not the radiator. Solid protection that is a must. I worry more about destroying a radiator 30 miles from the car then the infamous woodruff key. I guess my opinion differs greatly from most of the TT members but Yamaha really let us all down by puttting YZ type cosmetic guarding on a larger radiator woods bike! I have built a rigid protection box around my radiator and it has great side impact strength and clearances for the radiator. :)

What about over heating. Anyone had problems with their bike overheating. Seems the guards would inhibit air flow. I ride in a lot of slow, muddy conditions hear in N. Ga. Anyone running radiator guards concerned about this? The folks at Flatland said it was a non-issue. :)

Ok, you convinced me too. Anybody know of a good source to order a pair of the Devols? My dealer doesn't have them and isn't all that interested in finding me a pair.


the web site for devol is www.devolracing.com i am also thinking of purchasing a set of them for my wr 426.

www.rockymountainmc.com has the best prices that I've seen on just about everything :)

I talked to Terry Mylar of the Mylars radiator who is famous for his work on motorcycle radiators. He said for 60.00 he can weld up stock raditors like the works bikes have. Mine are a little less than straight. I may try this when I have him fix them.

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