electricity felt on the clutch and break leavers

When I rev my bike I can feel electricity on my leavers like little needles :) does anyone have such problems?

Is the spark plug wire shorting to the frame? Does the bike run good under load at high rpm's. Check the kill switch. Got set on my ars once years ago by a faulty one leaking voltage to the handle bars.

My kill switch was shocking me under high rev's until I put electrical tape (wrapped around the handlebar) underneath the kill switch....no more tingle!!!

Check the wiring for your rear brake light on the handle bars for shorting as well. (assuming you have lights!)


Shocking!!!! :D:)

Sorry, had to do it. Yeah check out that kill swich, Ive been zapped a few times by the ole 2 stroke push to kill type swiches when my hands were wet.

sabin check your head stedy bolts and or engine mount plates make sure your sparks are knot trying to earth through cables


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