WR450 Life period and reliability as a DualSport?

What kind of mileage can a WR450 handle on the road?

I'm a broke college student and my Jeep breaks every other week. I need $4,000 to fix it so that means I wont be able to get the jetski back in the water. I'm thinking about selling the Jeep and buying a new WR450 for my primary vehicle. Also buy a beater to tow the jetski and use in bad weather.

So can a WR450 handle being a commuter? 350 road miles a week, + abuse off-road and still keep on thumping?

I need cheap and reliable transportation and still be able to tow my ski. I think a bike is the funnest way to accomplish that. I love wheeling and going out in the woods and I don't want to give that up but would a Streetbike like a YZF R6 be more suitable or do you think a WR450 is up to the task?



Anyone have high mileage on a WR or know its lifespan?

I think Indy_WR450 has the most mileage of anyone so far. The last I heard he'd logged somewhere around 800+ miles. If these new 450's are anywhere near as reliable as the old 400's and 426's are, then you'll be able to log thousands of miles.

Yeah, I have 862 miles on mine. Not dual sporting. It comes down to how much engine reving you are going to do. The valve train will need a rebuild in 2 or 3 years for most of us that ride hard on trials (not racing). For Dual sport you may be able to get 4 or 5 years if you short shift it and use it for mild off road riding. I change the oil every week averaging 150 miles per week. If you are truly dual sporting and having long street rides a synthetic oil would be a wise choice since Yamaha has chosen a very small oil capacity to use for the transmission and the engine. I run Valvoline 10/W40 & 20W50 car oil to keep the costs down and protect the transmission. I expect to get 8,000 miles ( 2 years ) before I have to redo the top end. :)

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