I don't need no stinkin' pilot screw.....

It's been awhile since I've been around, hope everyone is good and getting psyched for the season!! I found something out by trial of fire this weekend I thought I'd share with y'all, and a little story to boot.

This past weekend found me at Dibinky Wells out in Utah. Huge dunes, bunch of slick rock, and some of the fastest, most whooped out sandy single track you'll ever have the pleasure to ride, extremely fun.

After arriving in just over 5 hours, the trip kind of took a bad turn, or so it would seem. I kind of got Dibinkied right from the get go if you will. It was dusk but not dark, my buddies were not around their vehicles, so I unloaded my bike, fired it up, and headed down to the sand wash to take a look at who's around. After a mile of pinned 5th gear fun in the wash, I turned around and headed back to the camp. I got there to find my bros just getting done from a roost. I skidded up and rev'd a couple of times to say HEY! Bike came down to idle, popped, farted, and died. Hummmmm, fired it up again, idled for a second, popped farted and died. Well dammit! Fired it up again, reached for my Kouba T Handle.......................yeah, no T handle or pilot screw!!! *Censored* ME :D!!!!!!!!

Spent the next 10 minutes, cursing and searching in vain for my pilot screw in the dirt from where I had taken off...........obviously no luck. My bro's wanted to make sure it was gone (I knew the screw backed itself out, I'm not the first person it's happened to) so we turned the gas off, laid the bike over and nope, no screw. They headed out for another 10 minute roost before dark, and I wanted to just see if I could get my bike to run (alternative was to drive to G. Junction Sat morning an hour and a half away, and find another p. screw). So I fired it up, revved the hell out of her, and took off down the hill/road. Popping and backfiring, she finally died, and wouldn't restart.........*more expletives* :D!! So I pushed her back up the hill and parked it until my bro's got back. Still b!tching and cussing, E wanted to hear my bike run. I told him it wouldn't start any more, but decided to try one more time. This time, I finally noticed my gas was still off........duh! Turned the gas back on, it fired right up and I took off. The bike ran just fine, so at that point I figuring "there really isn't a problem". Next morning, I shoved a piece of rubber up into the p. screw area, and went roosting in the desert!!! She ran awesome all weekend without the pilot screw. I guess my pilot jet was close enough to needing to go a step richer, that the entire circuit was still within spec even without the screw, cool enough! So disaster averted, and Dibinkied #1 over come.

Dibinkied #2 followed later into the ride on Saturday. We were ending up a sweet 40 mile loop, and ended up riding up 10 mile wash, super fast sandy whooped stream crossing fun! We got to a little oasis area, and E and D were up on top of a slick rock formation with a big huge puddle in front of it, and a set of truck tracks going up a wash out in the slick rock..............hummmmmm, looks like some wet fun I thought. They had gone around the right side, but I wanted to do the puddle! Well, it wasn't a puddle.........it was a frickin lake. Didn't even get more than 10 feet in, and the water was over my handle bars!!!! Standing in water up to my arm pits, I calmly was trying to push my bike out and up the slick rock........all the time E and D were hysterically laughing at me from above. After dumping a few gallons of water out of my engine and exhaust with the bike on end, we pulled the air filter and plug, cycled the engine through a few times, and got most of the H2O out. Put a new plug in (old one looked just fine, but wanted to start fresh against these odds), and without the air filter in, she fired up on the 10th kick or so. Let her idle for a bit, reinstalled filter, and continued roosting!!!! I had about a half an inch of sand in the bottom of my air box, but kept riding rest of Sat and Sunday hoping my air filter was doing it's job. So DiBinkied #2 survived too. That was the first time the WZ got floated, probably not the last though, and who would have thought it would have happened in the desert.

Needless to say, I'm currently in the process of stripping my bike down. I don't really want to know how much sand cycled through my system, I'll have to see what my carb looks like, clean my air box and boot, and hope for the best.

Wow, that was long................sorry!


Dodger :):D

It's not just the riding that makes a trip fun, It's the whole adventure thing. My wife just doesn't get that part

Can't keep a good man down!

Sounds like you and the boys had a nice ride, and you could not be denied! I don't know if you caught it or not, but I also submarined my bike for the first time this weekend. Went through the same drill as you (seat off, drain air box, take off air filter and squeeze that out, then we turned the bike upside down and had one guy stand on the decompression lever then we put it in gear and grabbed the tire and cycled the water out the exhaust port. Lost about 20 minutes in a 100 mile desert race... :) )

Back at a coal mine yet?

Hasta la Rasta~

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