Acerbis Long range Gas tank

Just brought a 3.3 gal long range tank made by Acerbis from Thumper Talk. Fits and looks fantastic, but on the opposite side to the fuel tap is another fuel tap so that the petrol can flow from that side without tipping the bike over on it's side.

Here's my worry, it's very close to the cylinder head about 5 to 7 mm not a lot in my terms and I was wondering if any one else on here has run one on there bike and if so was ot Ok.

My bike is a 2004 WRF 450.

Any help would be appreiciated

Thanks. Paul :bonk:

I ran your setup for a year. Just carefully routed the fuel line and ziptied it back. After many working sessions I got lazy and didn't tie the fuel hose back very well. It melted the hose. I got tired of routing it carefully evertime I pulled the tank, so I removed the cross over hose and plugged the hole on the right side of the tank. If I get that low on the tank, I'm on reserve anyway and riding careful.

I'm running that same tank and setup on my '05. Did a long 820 mile weekend with zero problems. Yes, the routing of the right side fuel hose has to be done with care, but that's it. You can remove the hoses from both petcocks when you pull the tank to prevent the need to re-route the hoses.....

This tank fits incredibly well compared to the IMS I was using on my '05 YZF.

The IMS tank has a similar setup. I used automotive fuel line mainly because it's physically pretty durable and routed it over the intake manifold against the head. I've done probably over 5000 miles with this setup and had no problems.

Thanks guys for the replys. I think I might use automotive fuel hose, what a great idea.

Thanks Paul

Can any of you guys post pics of this tank? Also, does anyone know if this tank will work with the stock WR shrouds on 07-09 or do you need to use the YZ shrouds.


Can any of you guys post pics of this tank?

07-09 Tank shown in picture



Thanks for the photo. Next question:

Will it work with radiator guards?

Can't comment on the rad guards, but I'll throw my $.02 in with regard to the Acerbis 3.3 gallon. I've been running one on my 03 WR450 for the last few years, and never had any problems with the fuel line proximity to the head. The only problem I've had is that the left (sitting on the bike perspective) lobe can bend your choke knob shaft in a simple tip over, causing a vacuum leak - bike begins boiling over and is hard to start. There is a sealing boot on the choke shaft, and when the shaft bends it deforms the boot lip causing an air leak. Luckily it is easy to fix by replacing the OEM choke shaft assembly - costs about $15.

When I tipped over, the left lobe of the tank struck a boulder - the lobe flexed inward and bent the choke shaft. To prevent the problem in the future, I plan to cut off the knob on the new assembly to shorten it, then cross drill the shaft and install a small roll pin so there is still something to grab. Should make it less susceptible to damage next time around.

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