wr 400 red hot pipe?!?! (picture)


this is my pipe after running for only a minute or two. anyone ever have a problem like this? i've never noticed it until my last ride...


looks cool ehh?

was there a temperature change when you noticed it first?

usually a half turn out on the a/f screw will take it right away.

its going to do it no matter what if you let it idle for a period of time.. these bikes arent meant to idle

yeah, i just noticed it since it has gotten colder outside. I will try adjusting the a/f screw. thanks

CR250 R motorhead is right, never let a 4 stroke sit and idle for any amount of time. I had a WR and mine did that and it was a little lean. A few adjustments and it was fine.

oh really, I wasn't aware of that. So I shouldn't let the motor idle and warm up after first starting it?

only for a minute or so at most or it could overheat. 45 seconds should be good

If that was taken without a flash, you have an extreme lean condition. I would check your jetting asap.

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