suspension installation help?

i picked up 02 yz426f forks and a rear shock to put on my 01 wr426f. when im putting the forks on should i use some grease to lube the forks so it slides through the triple clamps easy?

No. If you have to, spread the clamp open slightly by wedging with a screwdriver.

also when i picked up my old yz426f rear shock it was popped out of place. in this picture arrow 1 is pointing to the part that popped out of place and arrow 2 is pointing to the part where number one was sittig uneven with. we got it to pop back in though. should i be conserned about this?


No. That is the keeper, dont know correct term, for the spring to sit on.

i think its the spring guide.

it should be ok then???

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