cheap rims


ive got an yz450 with the standard silver excel rims, but i want to change them to black

does anyone know of any cost effective ways i could do this

i really dont want to buy a new set of rims


I wouldnt go from top of the line quality Excel rims to black cheap rims. Doesnt make sense to me.

Powdercoat the ones you have,there paid for!:bonk:

Powdercoat would be your cheapest route. Other than that, the second generation of pro wheel rims seem to be good, I've had a couple sets and beat the crap out of them withoutm any issues. The first generation of pro wheels had some issues with cracking though.

Send them to TCR wheels in Lodi, CA. For $150 (un-laced) or $250 (complete),they will anodize your rims black and the result will look EXACTLY like Excels. The $250 includes: break down of your wheels, anodizing, re-assembly, and truing. Check them out. They are featured in almost every MX magazine out there. They also have a sweet racer package for $500.

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