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Getting a WR426F this week...Now about thoses mods??

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Ok, after debating between a WR250F and the WR426F I decided to get the 426 so I dont have to rev the motor so high to make power. I have left the old DR 350 and moved up to the new age of riding and hope to get my bike this Wed., make my mods on Sat. just in time to ride Sun. The baffle and the air box are no brainers but, do I need to remove the spark arrester as well? On trimming down the throttle stop...1st: How hard is it to get too? 2nd: I think it is to be trimmed to 23mm including the allen head, correct??? 3rd: How long does it take to do this? I plan on greasing my WR on Sat. as well, where are all the areas that need to be greased? Lastly is there anything else I need to do before I start riding? I REALLY want to get it done before it gets all muddy from the rain we've been getting here in Louisville, Ky

Most importantly, Thanks for all your help in selecting my new bike. This forum was a big help in the fact that I got real rider info. Everyone was honest and up front unlike some of the other forums I checked. The alway talked about how there bike could do it all, whether is was trail twists, hill climbing, or flat speed. Here everyone told me there opinion but it all matched. I think I will be really happy with my new WR and plan on using, and hope to give, the info here.

Thanks, 696


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congratulations on your purchase :D, I have been in the WR club for two years now owning XR's previously. Last year I bought a new 00 model 400 and I have just replaced it with a 01 model 426 :D So heres what I've done for the last two years:-

Grease head race bearings, swingarm bearings, all shock linkage bearings, top and bottom shock mounts, retorque all those linkage and swingarm bolts mind. You will find next to no grease on these points :D

As for mods heres what works for me(bear in mind mine is a euro version so no throttle stop and YZ tank/seat are standard):-

Talon Wheels and sprockets (YZ ones so junk odo and cable and drive)

White Bros Pro Meg Silencer (is tunable for noise/power and with quiet core/4 discs is reasonably acceptable for trail riding, although I reckon it would struggle to pass a noise test at a british championship round). Also bear in mind we don't get a removable baffle, only a damn ugly Howitzer Silencer thing that weighs about 4 tonnes :D

White Bros High Boy Header

Remove airbox lid

White Bros Air Filter (Same as any foam filter I 'spose but white internals are good to see the cr4p when it comes to filter cleaning time)

Renthal MX High bars a good high bar with a nice flat bend - encourages getting forward in turns and standing up.

Rinaldi ex GP alloy tank :) just because I'm a tart and love shiny things also decals don't fall off in two minutes.

Works connection Frame, rad and case guards, WC skid plate (picked up in Indianapolis while I was on a course in the states last year) - about half the price that we would normally pay over in blighty :D Top quality kit, nuff said.

DSP carbon Fork Wraps

Acerbis Plastics all round - top quality and cheap, when I sold my 400 I replaced all the stock plastic and the bike looked a million dollars, Got top price for it and sold within two hours :D:D

Pirelli Tyres - dont ask me why, just love 'em MT16 rear (good nuff for Scott Summers, Good nuff for me, I figure)Any front depending on conditions, all DOT approved :D

The only trouble with this is the fact that the WR hasn't left my shed for two months due to Foot & Mouth, it even looks likely that my yearly pilgrimage to the Isle Of Man TT races will be cancelled :D (for any of you guys this side of the pond reading this, you must get yourself over there, the tracks are second to none)

Well 696 I hope my inane ramblings will help you out


Scooby :D

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Right on 696!.. That rules man!.

I believe you will be very happy with your new ride. Scooby mentioned Some early maintence Items to consider. Greasing the linkage, and turning head is a good Idea. Its not lathered in Grease. One thing to remember though... Make sure that when you go to add grease to these components in the near future.. Dont mix the greases. Synthetic greases are a fabulous choice.

Greases tend to have different Bases, so they wont mix well, and will cause what they call "floating".. if a material enters the greased area, it can actually be SUSPENDED in the grease, and cause accelerated wear.

Make sure that you lightly grease the Dust seals. That makes a big difference keeping the crap out of the linkages. And one last thing. If you ever pressure wash, be careful not to spray too hard in linkage areas as the dirt can be "pressed" into the Linkage, along with water. Specially if youve been Mud riding.

Good luck. And Roost on your Rad ride :)

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