MX racing the YZ426

Hi guys,

For no real reason, I have decieded to test myself and my month old 426 on a local MX track. I will probably be running in the 250 "c" class. I have not been on a MX track in over 10 years, this is actually my first year back in the dirt after a 10 year break. I consider myself a halfway decient rider, but no expert by any means. With all that said, those of you guys who are intermediate riders, how do you compare to the rest of the pack in MX races? I know some of you guys race. Is it harder to keep up with the 250's? May I note that there is only one real straight away in this track, most is pretty tight. I was just trying to get a feel for what I should expect out there.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Tim,

It seems that the itermediate classes vary from racing venue to racing venue. My best advice is to go try it, if you aren't competitive move up or down accordingly. I have been racing my 426 since I got it about 3 mos go. I had a CR 250 and I feel I am much faster and smother with more usable power on the 426.

Good Luck,

Johnny W

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